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India is Facing BIGGEST Question Ahead !
World Bank: Annual Jobs Creation needed to keep employment rate constant, 2015-2025 is 82,14,600

Outlook web Bureau, 5th April, 2018: According to the Labour Bureau statistics, India, in the inclusive growth index, become the nation of the most unemployed in the world; i.e, at No.60.

On the economic development front, inequality and increasing unemployment is the biggest challenge for the fast emerging India. Self-employment opportunities are declining in the country and jobs are continuously decreasing.

More than eight million jobs are required every year for India to keep its employment rate constant,
Working-age population (above 15 years) is increasing by 1.3 million every month, a new study has found

Where is the Opportunity
Fact N Figures
Census 2011
Urban India population of 455 million, 295 million internet user
Rural India population of 918 million 186 million internet users
Urban area Daily Internet users 182.9 million or 62%,
Rural Area Daily Internet User 98 million users or 53%..
Female internet users 143 million overall, 30% of total Internet users.

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Joint study by Bain & Company, Google and Omidyar Network titled ‘Unlocking Digital for Bharat:
$50 Billion Opportunity’ between three to five years to reach the target

Online Transaction in India: 40% (Balance product research and content) & prefer offline channel for transactions.

The number of smartphone users in India is expected to grow by 15.6% to reach 337 million in 2018, the highest estimated growth rate in the world.

• There were 291.6 million smartphone users in India by the end of 2017.
• The number of smartphone users in India is estimated to hit 337 million by the end of 2018.
• The number of smartphone users in India would reach 490.9 million by 2022.
• Between 2017 and 2022, the number of smartphone users in India will grow over 60%
• Despite the growing trend, the smartphone penetration in India will reach only 36.2% by the end of 2022.
• BharatNet project is the custodian of Digital India (DI) project. will connect all the 625,000 villages of India by December 2018.
 There is a huge upswings in internet usage. With the government of India envisaging a completely “Digital India” and people becoming more and more tech-savvy, “Digital” has become the new buzzword.
 The future of Digital India looks promising with Government of India’s ‘India Digital Plan’ 2019 which promises that 250,000 villages in India will have internet and all public places will have Wi-Fi.
 Therefore, India portrays a big window of opportunity window for all smartphone OEMs at least for the next one decade.

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